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Technological innovations in the battery landscape are the cornerstone of BSLBATT’s work. We are a professional lithium-ion battery manufacturer, including R&D and OEM services for more than 20 years. Our products comply with ISO/CE/UL1973/UN38.3/ROHS/IEC62619/CEC standards. The company takes the development and production of the advanced series “BSLBATT” (best solution lithium battery) as its mission. Learn how our innovations in battery technology create the safest, most powerful batteries for solar solutions, microgrids, home energy storage, golf carts, RVs, marine, industrial and more.


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Why choose us ?

  • Partner with a Global Leader
  • Supporting Your Sustainability Goals
  • Design and Manufacturing Expertise
  • Dedicated Support
  • Partner with global leaders
  • Powering your transition to lithium-ion
  • Design and Manufacturing Expertise
  • Accessible resources and dedicated support for our partners
  • Partner with global leaders

    We have deployed more than 160,000 batteries throughout the world and achieved energy self-sufficiency for 80,000 households, and are the first Li-ion battery packs in China to be certified by UL Solutions and TÜV SÜD. Our strong relationships with OEMs and years of experience provide confidence to Fortune 500 Solar Retailers and Installers.

  • Powering your transition to lithium-ion

    Our battery packs deliver power that helps lower your carbon footprint while boosting business efficiency. From drop-in-ready products to custom solutions, BSLBATT lithium iron phosphate batteries use less energy than lead acid batteries, are maintenance-free, and eliminate the risk of spills, corrosion, or noxious fumes. And, they’re perfect for powering a wide variety of applications such as golf carts, sailboats, commercial equipment, and more. Take the next step in green energy with rechargeable LiFePO4 batteries. – see how they can help you meet your sustainability goals.

  • Design and Manufacturing Expertise

    Our in-house engineering and software experts have decades of experience designing lithium-ion battery solutions. We know how to design and manufacture battery packs to optimize performance and safety, backed up by UL Listings and patent-protected IP.

  • Accessible resources and dedicated support for our partners

    We provide more than just know-how. Impeccable customer service is a pillar of our success. We walk with you every step of the way, from the initial assessment of your specific application to the post-sales service. Through hard work and humility, talented teams trained to the highest industry standards, and genuine care and concern for our partners, Our in-depth resources make adopting lithium-ion technology an easy transition for your business.

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Thousands Of Satisfied Customers Can't Be Wrong

BSLBATT is a trusted brand in China, from Hawai’i homes to remote communities in Africa, discover our projects paving the way and making an impact!

  • Haini



    At first glance , the BSLBATT look very high quality

  • Leshen



    Excellent. You will never go wrong with BSL. I have had2 x.4 for 18 months. Still 100% SOH Full lcdischarge.

  • Haley



    It's dificult to judge, although at least BSLBATT makes an incredibly good impression. What they have already bombarded me with certificates, test reports and details is really impressive. Believe they dont have to hide behind any European company. On the contrary, maybe even.

  • Pedaaa



    yeah...I just put it together... They're all stil alive.

    Then I also brought the MPPT RS to life and the batteries are now charged with it when the sun shines. So I didn't have to get a charger, I already had one hanging on the wall anyway.

    Everything works great. The BSLS were recognized immediately after plugging them in . Reallyplug and play. I was surprised myself . Something like this never works normally
    And I bring the 3 remaining batteries ( which are already ready for the next project ) to abalanced state for storage.

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Making the planet greenerwith every battery!

We are leading the global transformation to green energy. With our battery technology employed at some of the leading corporations worldwide, we are partnering in the global initiative to reduce carbon emissions.

Carbon Emissions ( Co2e )
Reduced To Date *



*As of May 1, 2022; compared to Lead-Acid Batteries